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The 2019 Tokyo Motor Show is fixing to kick off, in just a few short weeks on October 23rd and run through November 4th. What does that mean for us? The Tokyo Motor Show is a massive deal in the industry and Honda loves to roll-out new concept motorcycles and scooters at this show for the entire world to see. To get people excited about what the brand, Honda, has to potentially offer in the future.

What we have here is the 2020 Honda CT125 concept that Honda will be unveiling at the Tokyo Motor Show this year. If we look back a few years, both the Honda Grom (MSX125), Monkey and Super Cub 125 models were all unveiled as concept models at the Tokyo Motor Show and then later on transitioned into their production models that we all know today. Honda has already asked for dealers’s opinions here in the USA on bringing this model to production as well.

If we put 2 and 2 together, we end up with 5 right? And that means that we will see the Honda CT125 turn into a production model and release here in the USA soon. If I was a betting man, I’d say we’ll see this bike released as a 2021 Honda CT125 here on our side of the pond. 

2020 Honda CT125 Motorcycle / Scooter USA Release Date Sneak Peek! | Tokyo Motor Show

Here’s what Honda has to say regarding the CT125 concept:

The CT125 is a concept model which proposes the new value of the Honda Super Cub series through its structure, designed while giving due consideration to off-road run-through performance, and the exterior design, which stimulates the adventurous spirit of riders.

Inheriting the original β€œCT” concept, the CT125 features a steel front fender and up-muffler (above the engine), a wide and large rear carrier, high-mount air intake duct and side air cleaners and yet realizes simple and unique styling. While featuring a casual characteristic suitable for everyday use, the CT125 is positioned also as a trekking bike which is equipped with functions that enable the rider to enjoy it in the outdoors.  

What do you guys think about it? Do you want to see Honda bring the CT125 to the USA for 2020 / 2021? Where do you think Honda should put the CT125 price at? Keep in mind the 2020 Grom is $3,399 / Monkey $3,999 / Super Cub $3,649. Could Honda fast track this to a 2020 CT125 production model and announce its official release during the EICMA show on November 4th? 

Update | 2020 Honda CT125 Videos from Tokyo Motor Show

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