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  1. I went to truck driving school and I have a class A CDL and while they didn't teach us in school, semis are usually shifted without using the clutch. I tried this with my 2017 civic sedan 6 speed and it shifts perfectly without the clutch under mild driving 1-5 gears. I haven't tried downshifting yet. When driving a semi which has straight cut gears one needs to blip the throttle to increase the RPM to match the vehicle speed to the gear. I love this car! That said, I do not advocate doing this regularly, I'm just saying this car is so well made it is easily done.

  2. I have a Mazda 3 and it's boaring 90% of the time. The motor is fantastic for fuel economy but it's lame and has no sole, no presence, no thrill. Yes the car hold it's own in a curve but curves are less then 1% of were you ordinarly drive. The info system is the wrost in any car, bluetooth allways jurks takes 30 secondes to boot and has a hard time reconising the usb port. So 1% in curves fun and 9% in comfort is not a good review. I tested the base model of the civic and I was wowed by everything. My next car is going to be a civic ex-t coupe manual in juste 6 months… can't wait.

  3. Good video Matt. Coincidentally, I've been considering getting a new, eithr hatch, or small sedan. Have been considering the Mazda 3, and civics. Haven't driven either, but will soon, and you gave some great opinion/feedback on your experience with both, vehicles. Thanks. Good job.

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  7. Is the car equipped with an automatic rev helper like the ford focus RS? I dont know what it's called but its basically easier for a new stick shift drivers.


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